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  • 改变明亮眉色,配合发色,让眼妆效果更加自然。
  • 轻涂即有良好显色度,只涂一次即可紧密附着、加重涂抹会更有良好显色度。
  • 不易脱妆、防止一般汗水以及轻度摩擦,薄膜型配方,用温水清洗即可轻松卸除。
  • 含有水溶性维他命、有提高肌肤的弾力性和保水性的效果。给予眉毛艳丽光泽感。
  • 添加玻尿酸,有优越的肌肤保湿能力,让肌肤滑嫩光滑。
  • 含有洋甘菊精华,不仅有消炎效果.防止皮肤粗糙的效果、还有保湿和紧緻肌肤效果。
  • 配合角鯊烯,对皮肤的融和度高,亦能预防水分蒸发保持湿润。



  1. 先逆毛刷好让染眉膏可以从根部完整将眉毛上色,再顺刷让毛流自然流畅。
  2. 浓眉女孩可以来回刷约2-3次,用眉笔稍补眉尾即完成;
  3. 眉毛稀疏则建议先用眉笔勾勒眉型、眉粉稍微填色后,再用染眉膏补上毛流感。
  4. 另外,眉头部分可以加强向上刷,创造根根分明的立体眉毛。




KISS ME HEAVY ROTATION Coloring Eyebrow #01 Yellow Brown


  • Change the bright eyebrow color and match the hair color to make eye makeup more natural.
  • Light application will have good color rendering, only one application can adhere tightly, and heavy application will have better color rendering.
  • It is not easy to take off makeup, prevents general sweat and mild friction. The film type formula can be easily removed by washing with warm water.
  • Contains water-soluble vitamins and has the effect of improving skin's elasticity and water retention. Gives eyebrows a gorgeous gloss.
  • Adding hyaluronic acid has superior skin moisturizing ability, leaving skin smooth and tender.
  • Contains chamomile extract, which not only has anti-inflammatory effects. It has the effect of preventing rough skin, moisturizing and firming skin.
  • With squalene, it has a high degree of fusion to the skin, and it can also prevent water from evaporating and keep it moisturized.


How to use:

  1. If you use it with other eyebrows, such as powder, pencil, liquid, use this product afterwards.
  2. Use makeup remover when removing it.
  3. As it goes against the coat, apply from the Bizan to the eyebrow.
  4. Apply it as if to coat from the eyebrows toward the eyebrows while preparing the coat.



Product packaging, specifications and price are subject to change without notice. All information about the products on our website is provided for information purposes only. Please always read labels, warnings and directions provided with the product before use.

日本ISEHAN KISS ME奇士美 HEAVY ROTATION染眉膏 #01黄棕色 Coloring Eyebrow #01 Yellow Brown

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