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日本KISS ME Heroine Make 柔滑眉笔 #02自然啡色 0.2g


  • 具椭圆型笔芯,轻易描绘不同粗幼的线条。配合笔身量尺,更易量度眉型比例,勾画完美眉妆。
  • 而附设扫头能帮助梳理眉毛,效果更显著。
  • 持久配方,可有效防汗、防油,搓揉眉毛亦不易脱色。
  • 含保湿滋润成分,修护眉毛。



  1. 转出2毫米笔芯,以较窄笔面由眉山扫向眉尾;
  2. 然后转向较粗笔面,由眉头轻轻扫至眉山,
  3. 最后使用附设扫头由眉头向眉尾轻轻梳理眉毛
  4. 如一并使用眉彩液,请把眉彩液留至最后使用。




KISS ME Heroine Make Eyebrow Pencil #02NaturalBrown 0.2g


  • Achieve proportional eyebrows with oval tip and included scale guide.
  • Long-lasting formula resistant to sweat, sebum, and rubbing


How to use:

  1. Adjust the lead 2mm, use the thin-side to draw from the apex to outer corner of eyebrow,
  2. then use wide-side to draw from the inner corner to the apex of eyebrow.
  3. Finally, use the brush to blend the color.
  4. If using eyebrow mascara, apply after using this product.



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日本 KISS ME Heroine Make 柔滑眉笔 #02自然啡色 0.2g Eyebrow Pencil #02NaturalBrown 0.2g

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