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日本KISS ME Heroine Make  持久防水纤长睫毛液 易卸防水膜型 啡色


  • 既强效防水防油,同时可用一般洁面产品轻易卸除。 
  • 自然的啡色睫毛液暗带浅红色调,打造温婉柔美眼神之余,更添几分妩媚感。
  • 含超级防护聚合物,强效对抗汗水、泪水及油脂;
  • 同时加入可被一般洁面产品溶解的成分,令睫毛液轻易被卸除。
  • 采用5mm特长纤维成分,短少睫毛亦能达致华丽纤长;每根睫毛挺立而分明,不会形成结块。
  • 瞬间定型配方及形状记忆聚合物,令睫毛液涂上后快速锁定睫毛鬈曲度,全日保持鬈曲动人美睫。
  • 含山茶花油、蜂皇浆萃取、坚果油及野玫瑰果油修护
  • 成分,保护睫毛、预防折断。
  • 强效防水防油同时轻易卸除!

  • 「全新「易卸防水膜型」睫毛液诞生!

  • 集合「持久防水型」及「易卸薄膜型」睫毛液的优点。



  1. 使用刷头弯曲的内侧,从睫毛根部轻轻涂抹至睫毛尖。



  1. 与温水混合后,用日常使用的洁面乳,画圈般温和洗净。
  2. 使用洁面乳之前也可使用卸妆乳。




KISS ME Heroine Make Long & Curl Mascara Advanced Film Bown 


  • Best Mascara with film-tubing technology and waterproof ability.

  • Last for hours without smudging or flaking.

  • New Water/Sebum/Rub-resistant & Smear-proof formula easily washes away with facial soap

  • Contains 5mm of long- fiber
  • Resilient Curls Lock and Last All Day Long
  • Natural brown mascara with dark red tones, to create gentle and soft eyes, add a little charming feeling.
  • Contains 4 Lash Serum Ingredients


How to use:

  1. Lift up lashes from the base with the concave side of the brush, then fine-tune and shape with the convex side.


How to Remove:

  1. Dampen your lashes with warm water, then gently wash off with facial soap in circular motion.
  2. Apply make-up remover before facial soap can facilitate the cleansing.



Product packaging, specifications and price are subject to change without notice. All information about the products on our website is provided for information purposes only. Please always read labels, warnings and directions provided with the product before use.

KISS ME Heroine Make 持久防水纤长睫毛液 易卸防水膜型 啡色 Long & Curl Mascara Advanced Film Bown

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