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日本 UNICHARM SOFY 尤妮佳苏菲 无香型超薄卫生护垫Kiyora 72 pcs


  • 采用丝薄绵柔材料制作,舒适、卫生、吸水。
  • 超薄透气底膜,迅速排出闷热湿气。
  • 卓越的吸收功能可在底部锁定甚至厚的流量
  • 表面保持干燥,对皮肤舒适
  • 最柔软的波浪状表层,减少皮肤接触。
  • 采用丝薄柔棉材料制作,舒适、卫生、吸水;超薄透气底膜,迅速排出闷热湿气。



  1. 从单个包装纸上取下衬垫,将餐巾的粘性面直接牢固地放在内裤上。




Kiyora Unscented Pantiliner 72pcs


  • Always keep your underwear clean.
  • Taking care not only of your outward appearance, but also what is out of sight elicits a women's confidence and radiance.
  • Gentle fruit aroma and gentle fragrance of clean floral spreads out.
  • Lasting fragrance made with natural ingredients
  • Quickly draws in discharge and perspiration to reduce stickiness.
  • The entire surface is a breathable sheet that prevents stuffiness.
  • Odor from the absorbed discharge is diminished
  • Individual wrapping applies a stylish design with flower motif.
  • Product details
  • Material: Polyethylene, polyester
  • Volume: 72pcs
  • Package: 1x Unicharm Sofy Kiyora Pantiliner (Fragrance Free - Blue) 72pcs


How to use:

  1. Tear the plastic cover and stick on the underwear.



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日本 UNICHARM SOFY 尤妮佳苏菲 无香型超薄卫生护垫Kiyora 72 pcs Kiyora Unscented Pantiliner 72pcs

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