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日本KOBAYASHI小林制药 马桶消臭用小花瓣凝胶 3枚入


  • 厕所也是家中最值得关注的区域,用空气清新剂的清香气并不能保持很久,但这个马桶凝胶的香气非常持久又好闻!
  • 它可以帮助去除马桶异味,并每次冲水时还能洗净吸附的脏污并散发出清香味。
  • 让如厕后的人走出厕所也不尴尬



  1. 取下盖子將容器前端对准马桶內侧平面后,再用力按压上去
  2. 将容器前端按住马桶內侧,握住容器后方部分將药剂挤出一半量。
  3. 将容器垂直地离开马桶。(可做出一朵花。)
  4. 接下来在对面再做出同样的花朵。




KOBAYASHI Bluelet Dekoraru Toilet Bowl Cleaner 3pcs


  • The herbal feeling and spicy feeling of lavender were conservatively filled with rose and lilac to fill flower-like softness. 
  • It is a scent combining freshness with the sourness of plum and raspberry. 


How To Use :

  1. Open the cap and aim to the inner wall of the toilet bowl
  2. Press the bottle until the shape of petals appear
  3. The bottle must leave the toilet bowl vertically
  4. One bottle can make 2 petals



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日本KOBAYASHI小林制药 马桶消臭用小花瓣凝胶 3枚入 KOBAYASHI Bluelet Dekoraru Toilet Bowl Cleaner

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