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日本KOBAYASHI小林制药 马桶厕所除臭凝胶洁厕小花香水调制芳香 3枚入


  • 洗净和防污成分,有效的在除臭消臭中并且能够保持马桶清洁,防止污垢。
  • 采用小熊造型的瓶子,内含凝胶状清洁剂,含有香料和界面活性剂和消臭剂。
  • 垂直对着马桶内壁,挤压瓶子,会产生一个花瓣状的凝胶
  • 不仅萌,还可以直接充当清洁剂,随着冲水清洗马桶,味道也十分清新。
  • 挤出花瓣贴片,效果可以持续 1~2 周。



  1. 打开瓶子,将口腔推出马桶壁以挤出凝胶。
  2. 挤出约一半的凝胶并取出瓶子,直到花瓣成型。
  3. 瓶口和马桶壁必须垂直,以制作凝胶花。
  4. 握住瓶子的上部并挤出剩余的凝胶,可以再制作一个凝胶花瓣。
  5. 超过两周后,花瓣凝胶变小,可用作清洁剂直接清洁马桶。
  6. 由于凝胶花棒靠近电流出口,冲洗时可能会被洗掉。


*为了达到更好的效果,请在使用前清洁马桶。 1瓶凝胶可以放在两个地方。 请不要离开,直到下次。*




KOBAYASHI Bluelet Premium Toilet Bowl Decoral Cleanser Parfum Flowery 3pcs


  • With a sophisticated, quality perfume-like fragrance.
  • The actions of the cleaning & stain-preventing ingredients suppress dirt at the water line and keep things clean.
  • Its stain-adhesion preventing effect keeps your toilet sparkling clean.
  • In pale, refined passion gold and passion pink gel colors.
  • The effects of one usage last approx. 10 days. 


How to use:

  1. Open the bottle, and the mouth pushed out of the toilet wall to squeeze out the gel.
  2. squeeze out about half of the gel and remove the bottle until the petals are molded.
  3. The bottle mouth and toilet wall must be vertical to make gel flowers.
  4. Hold the upper part of the bottle and squeeze out the remaining gel can make one more gel petal.
  5. After more than two weeks, the petal gel becomes smaller and can be used as a cleaner to clean the toilet directly.
  6. Due to the gel flower sticks near the outlet of the current, it may be washed away when flushing.


*in order to achieve better results, please clean the toilet before use. 1 bottles of gel can be placed in two places . Please do not leave it until next time.*



Product packaging, specifications and price are subject to change without notice. All information about the products on our website is provided for information purposes only. Please always read labels, warnings and directions provided with the product before use.

KOBAYASHI小林制药 马桶厕所除臭凝胶洁厕小花香水调制芳香 3枚入 Toilet Bowl Decoral Cleanser Parfum Flowery

$8.99 一般價格
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