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日本 KOBAYASHI 小林制药 桃花香马桶芳香剂 3pcs


  • 制水中的污垢并散发出令人愉悦的气味!
  • 只需在马桶表面上装饰(粘贴)花瓣凝胶即可散发令人愉悦的气味并保持水质清洁。
  • 通过清洁成分的作用进行彻底清洁。 保持清洁,防止污垢附着。
  • 您可以在一个容器中的两个位置使用花瓣凝胶约10天(1-2周)。
  • 3瓶,约1个月(每天冲洗约15次/根据温度,水温,水量等的不同而略有变化)
  • 流动的水是无色的。
  • 该产品不会影响化粪池和化粪池中的细菌。
  • 效果可能会因使用环境和污垢程度而异。
  • 不会溶解溶解有化学物质的水的部分上的污垢不会被清除。



  1. 请在清洗抽水马桶后使用以增强效果。
  2. 下盖子,将容器的尖端牢固地压在马桶的平坦表面上。
  3. 将容器的尖端压在马桶上的同时,挤压容器的底部并推出约一半的药物。
  4. 在花瓣升起之前,请勿抬起容器的尖端。
  5. 将容器从马桶上直接拉出。(您可以制作一个花瓣凝胶。)
  6. 接下来,挤压容器的表面,并推出剩余的化学药品以制作另一花瓣凝胶。






KOBAYASHI Bluelet Toilet Cleaner Peach Blossom Fragance 3pcs


  • Contains the dirt in the water and emits a pleasant smell!
  • Just decorate (paste) the petal gel on the surface of the toilet to emit a pleasant smell and keep the water clean.
  • Thorough cleaning is done by the action of cleaning ingredients.
  • Keep it clean and prevent dirt from adhering.
  • You can use petal gel for about 10 days (1-2 weeks) in two places in one container.
  • 3 bottles, about 1 month (washing about 15 times a day / slightly change according to temperature, water temperature, water volume, etc.)
  • The flowing water is colorless.
  • This product will not affect the bacteria in septic tanks and septic tanks.
  • The effect may vary depending on the usage environment and the degree of dirt.
  • The dirt on the part that does not dissolve the water with dissolved chemicals will not be removed.


How to use:

  1. * Please use it after cleaning the toilet bowl to enhance the effect. *
  2. Remove the lid and press the tip of the container firmly on the flat surface of the toilet.
  3. While pressing the tip of the container on the toilet, squeeze the bottom of the container and push out about half of the medicine. Do not lift the tip of the container before the petals are raised.
  4. Pull the container directly from the toilet. (You can make a petal gel.)
  5. Next, squeeze the surface of the container and push out the remaining chemicals to make another petal gel.


*If a large amount of medicine remains in the container, apply another drop of petal gel on the toilet. *

*For petal gels that are more than 2 weeks old or smaller petal gels, please rub with a toilet brush and use it as a toilet cleaner. *

*If it is installed near the water outlet, water may splash or chemical substances may flow out.*

*Depending on the type of toilet and the intensity of the water flow, there may be less foam, but there is no problem with the cleaning effect.*



Product packaging, specifications and price are subject to change without notice. All information about the products on our website is provided for information purposes only. Please always read labels, warnings and directions provided with the product before use.

日本 KOBAYASHI 小林制药 桃花香马桶芳香剂 3pcBluelet Toilet Cleaner Peach Blossom Fragance 3pcs

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