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日本KOBAYASHI小林制药 便携衣服去污去渍湿巾神奇应急去油污酱渍湿纸巾 4 包入


  • 随时随地清洁脏污
  • 不需水洗非常轻松简单,在外面用餐时不小心沾到食物或饮料时使用


  1. 先用面纸等将污渍擦拭过
  2. 于污渍內侧请铺上一块布或面纸(3-4张)
  3. 轻轻沾上本商品后从污渍周围开始用力拍打
  4. 待污渍去除后,为了防止扩散,请于沾上本商品的部分用彻底拧干的布拍打




KOBAYASHI Clothing Decontamination Paper Portable Clothes Decontamination 4pcs


  • Without washing is very easy and simple, careless use touches food or drink when dining out


How to use:

  1. to use tissues such as the stains wiped
  2. on the inside of the stain put a cloth or tissue paper (3-4 sheets)
  3. lightly this product was stained after the beginning of hard beat around the stains from the stain removal but, in order to prevent the spread of this product please stained part with cloth wrung out thoroughly beat



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KOBAYASHI小林制药 便携衣服去污去渍湿巾神奇应急去油污酱渍湿纸巾 4包入 Portable Clothing Decontamination Paper

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