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日本KOBAYASHI小林制药 洗眼液去血丝蓝色款 500ml


  • 日本小林制药洗眼液可洗眼中异物,消除化妆,消炎消炎,保护眼睛,预防眼病发生。

  • 尤其适合眼睛卸妆,后电脑作业后使用,以及镜头保护成分,可生成对眼睛的伤害,加上控制剂量的专用容器,方便使用。

  • 长时间隐形眼镜,驾驶8小时用电脑,玩游戏,看电视,装扮自己的最佳选择!
  • 深蓝2-3度隐形美瞳及各种烦恼祛除红血丝,保护并修复眼眶



  1. 将洗眼液倒入洗眼杯内。
  2. 将杯子压在眼睛上。
  3. 将杯子压在眼睛上后,将头向后仰面朝上,以免液体溢出。
  4. 眨眼数次以清洗眼睛。
  5. ·彻底清洗并擦干使用过的杯子。
  6. 一天3-6次,清洗时请使用 5 mL 的洗眼液。




KOBAYASHI Eyebon Eye Wash Liquid 500ml


  • Eye washing, prevention of eye diseases (after swimming, such as when dust and sweat into your eyes)
  • Wash your eyes after removing the contact lenses, giving it refreshing feeling and removing dust and protein deposits.

  • Allantoin, ingredient that restores cornea, was added to an eyewash for the first time.

  • Contains chondroitin, ingredient that protects cornea, in the maximum amount for eyewash.


How to use:

  1.  Put the chemical solution up to the line inside the eye washing cup.
  2. Press the cup against your eyes.
  3. With the cup pressed against your eyes, turn your head back and face upwards so that the liquid does not spill.
  4. Blink several times to wash your eyes.
  5. Wash and dry the used cup thoroughly.
  6. 1 day 3 to 6 times, please eyewash by using a once 5mL



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日本KOBAYASHI小林制药 洗眼液去血丝蓝色款 500ml KOBAYASHI Eyebon Eye Wash Liquid 500ml

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