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日本KOBAYASHI小林制药 生叶宽幅牙刷 颜色随机发送 1pcs


  • 这款牙周病用牙刷的宽头能在刷牙的同时按摩牙龈。
  • 超柔软的牙龈按摩刷毛两侧按摩牙龈,而中央去除牙菌斑的刷毛则去除牙菌斑。



  1. 清洁上颌牙齿外表面,再清洁下颌牙齿外表面
  2. 清洁上颌牙齿内表面,再清洁下颌牙齿内表面
  3. 清洁牙齿的咀嚼面
  4. 要想口气清新,还要刷一下舌头




KOBAYASHI Leaf Wide Head Toothbrush Random Color Provided 1pcs


  • Soft Bristles: Touches gently on gums
  • 2 Stage Flossing: Cleanses the tooth gap and the surface effectively. 
  • Wide Head: Gently brushed the teeth and massage the gums. 
  • Slim and V-shaped tip: Easily reaches the back of the teeth. 
  • Reaches to the back teeth! The wide head of this toothbrush (soft) for periodontal disease brushes the teeth while massaging the gums at the same time.
  • The extra-soft gum massaging bristles both sides massage the gums while the center plaque-removing bristles get rid of plaque.


How to use:

  1. Start with the outer surfaces of your teeth. 
  2. Tilt your brush at a 45° angle. 
  3. Brush the inner surface of your teeth.
  4. Clean the chewing surfaces of your teeth. 
  5. Brush your tongue.



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日本KOBAYASHI小林制药 生叶宽幅牙刷 颜色随机发送 1pcs Leaf Wide Head Toothbrush Random Color 1pcs

SKU: 3028057351
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