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日本KOBAYASHI小林制药 睡眠加湿口罩 #柚子香 3枚入


  • 适合有鼻炎或者咽炎的人
  • 每片口罩内含加湿过滤片,通过呼吸可以形成高度湿润环境,水汽能滋润喉咙,使呼吸道畅通,也可防止面部干燥,预防咽喉与鼻腔干燥疼痛,水汽还有好闻的味道
  • 加湿过滤片能隔绝空气中99%的病毒细菌及过敏物质,立体设计,紧密贴合面部,不容易产生雾气,眼镜党也不用担心
  • 口罩内侧有富含水分的加湿片,呼吸的时候加湿片的水分蒸发,咽喉直接沐浴在蒸汽中,持续10个小时。
  • 独特的褶皱设计,覆盖整个下巴,紧密贴合面部。
  • 一次性口罩更卫生,使用后直接丢弃,防止二次污染。



  1. 取出,打开过滤器内清洁,然后佩带在清洁。





KOBAYASHI Moisture Mask #Yuzu 3pcs


  • The high-density filter function blocks 99% of the bacterial droplets and pollen in the air.
  • The moisture in the filter can moisturize the throat and make the respiratory tract unblocked
  • The material is soft and the ears are not easy to feel pain.
  • Continuously moisturize the throat
  • Steam effect about 10 hours
  • Size: 9cm x 17.5cm


how to use:

  1. a mask and take out one by one from the bag.
  2. Wet filters were removed from the aluminum bag, please put one by one to as much as possible the back of the left and right of the pocket on the inside of the mask.
  3. to the left and right of the mask there “◆ mark” in the top, we put the string in both ears while devoted to the face.



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日本KOBAYASHI小林制药 睡眠加湿口罩 #柚子香 3枚入 KOBAYASHI Moisture Mask #Yuzu 3pcs

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