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日本 KOBAYASHI 小林制药 小熊洁厕剂 3pcs



  • 抑制水上的黑色污渍!
  • 只需将其粘贴在抽水马桶的表面上,即可散发出宜人的气味并保持水分。
  • 每次冲洗时,化学物质都会散布在马桶的水中,清洁剂会起到彻底清洁作用。
  • 防止污垢附着的效果和由于消毒剂成分而引起的黑斑的产生的效果使水和水保持清洁,并使清洁更容易。
  • *抑制引起黑斑的细菌的生长。
  • 但是,并非所有细菌都能被根除。
  • 效果可能会因使用环境和污垢程度而异。
  • 由于将其粘贴在左右两个位置,因此化学成分可以有效地散布在水面上。
  • 通过将其一次粘贴到左右两个位置,可以使用大约一周的时间。(根据温度,水温,水量等而略有变化。)
  • 流动的水是无色的。
  • 该产品不会影响化粪池和化粪池中的细菌。



  1. 取下盖子將容器前端对准马桶內侧平面后,再用力按压上去
  2. 将容器前端按住马桶內侧,握住容器后方部分將药剂挤出一半量。
  3. 将容器垂直地离开马桶。(可做出一朵花。)
  4. 接下来在对面再做出同样的花朵。




KOBAYASHI Pharmaceutical Japan Toilet Bear Toilet Cleaner Floret Deodorant Gel Pet 3pcs


Description :

  • Suppresses black stains on water!
  • Just stick it on the surface of the toilet bowl to spread a pleasant scent and keep the water clean.
  • Every time you flush the toilet, the chemical spreads in the water of the toilet, and the cleaning ingredients work to clean it thoroughly.
  • The effect of preventing dirt from adhering and the effect of suppressing the occurrence of black spots due to the disinfectant
  • keeps the water and water clean and makes cleaning easier.
  • Suppresses the growth of bacteria that cause black spots.
  • However, not all bacteria are eradicated.
  • The effect may vary depending on the usage environment and the degree of dirt.
  • Since it is attached to two places on the left and right, the chemical components are effectively spread over the water.
  • It can be used for about a week by pasting it on two places on the left and right at a time.
  • (It changes slightly depending on the temperature, water temperature, amount of water, etc.
  • The flowing water is colorless.
  • The product does not affect the septic tank and the bacteria in the septic tank.


How to use:

  1. Remove the lid and align the front end of the container with the inner surface of the toilet, then press it firmly.
  2. Press the front end of the container against the inside of the toilet, hold the back part of the container and squeeze out half of the medicine.
  3. Move the container vertically away from the toilet. (A flower can be made.)
  4. Next, make the same flower on the opposite side.



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KOBAYASHI 小林制药 小熊洁厕剂 3pcs Pharmaceutical Toilet Cleaner Floret Deodorant Gel Pet

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