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日本KOBAYASHI小林制药 一滴消臭元厕所马桶消臭芳香剂 20ml


  • 一滴即可去除可能令人尴尬的厕所异味。
  • 在家里或旅行时,用马桶前在碗中滴入一滴,提供令人愉悦的清香,有助于减少令人不快的异味。



  1. 只要在使用前在马桶里先滴上1-2滴,就可以达到除臭的效果,1瓶可以使用600次(每次1滴)左右




KOBAYASHI Powerful One Drop Deodorizer For Bathroom Toilet 20ml


  • Powerful Odor Blocking Technology!
  • ONEDROP is a specially formulated deodorizer that once applied to the water in the toilet forms a protective barrier that prevents odors from escaping.


How to use:

  1. Drop concentrated ONE DROP formula into bowl.
  2. ONE DROP formula quickly spreads on surface of water, forming a protective layer through which odors cant escape and releases a fresh scent.



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KOBAYASHI小林制药 一滴消臭元厕所马桶芳香剂 20ml Powerful One Drop Deodorizer For Bathroom Toilet

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