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日本KOBAYASHI小林制药 一次性加湿睡眠用 立体口罩 #无香型 3枚入


  • 宽松的立体形状
  • 适合睡觉时使用的立体形状。嘴巴周围的空间变得宽广,容易呼吸。
  • 特殊形状加湿过滤片
  • 不妨碍就寝时的呼吸,将加湿过滤片左右分开,留出空间。
  • 设计成不妨碍鼻子呼吸的形状,留出了鼻孔部分的通气口,让呼吸顺畅。

  • 用极细纤维制成,超柔软的无纺布,为肌肤带来舒畅的触觉。

  • 用柔软弹性的橡皮筋缓和对耳朵的负担,不会把耳朵勒痛。

  • 口罩无法完全防止感染(细菌侵入)

  • 加湿过滤片为白色



  1. 取出,打开过滤器内清洁,然后佩带在清洁。





KOBAYASHI Seiyaku Sleeping 3D Face Mask Wet Filter 3pcs


  • Designed in a shape that does not hinder the breathing of the nose, the vents of the nostrils are left, so that breathing is smooth.
  • Made of ultra-fine fibers, super soft non-woven fabric, bringing a comfortable touch to the skin.
  • Use soft and elastic rubber bands to ease the burden on the ears, and will not strangle the ears.
  • Masks cannot completely prevent infection (invasion of bacteria)
  • The humidification filter is white
  • Loose three-dimensional shape

  • Three-dimensional shape suitable for sleeping.

  • The space around the mouth becomes wider, making it easier to breathe.

  • Special shape humidification filter

  • Separate the humidification filter from the left and right to make room without disturbing the breathing at bedtime.


how to use:

  1. a mask and take out one by one from the bag.
  2. Wet filters were removed from the aluminum bag, please put one by one to as much as possible the back of the left and right of the pocket on the inside of the mask.
  3. to the left and right of the mask there “◆ mark” in the top, we put the string in both ears while devoted to the face.



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日本KOBAYASHI小林制药 一次性加湿睡眠用 KOBAYASHI Seiyaku Sleeping 3D Face Mask Wet Filter 3pcs

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