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日本KOBAYASHI小林制药 管道清洗丸 #柑橘香 12个


  • 强力去除和去除引起异味的污垢和细菌,并进行除臭。
  • 强大的泡沫有效地渗透到马桶水箱或洗衣机滚筒的深处。
  • 只需放下清洁片,即可轻松清洁厨房、浴室或洗手间的排水管。使用 30 分钟后应用水流。
  • 除臭除臭和其他引起异味的细菌
  • 厨房、厕所、浴室、厕所等排水孔的水坑 
  • (适用于铜、黄铜、铸铁、铝、木材和橡胶制品)
  • 强力去除和去除引起异味的污垢和细菌,并进行除臭。
  • 强大的泡沫有效地渗透到马桶水箱或洗衣机滚筒的深处。
  • 只需放下清洁片,即可轻松清洁厨房、浴室或洗手间的排水管。
  • 使用 30 分钟后应用水流。
  • 除臭除臭和其他引起异味的细菌
  • 厨房、厕所、浴室、厕所等排水孔的水坑 (适用于铜、黄铜、铸铁、铝、木材和橡胶制品)



  1. 在厨房、浴室、马桶、马桶的排水孔的水坑里,扔片1片。
  2. 尝试倒入小排水盆,如药丸难溶于水。
  3. 30 分钟后,用水冲洗。请勿损坏下水道**




KOBAYASHI Sewerage Drainage Pipe Deodorant Scavenger Cleaner #Orange Flavor 12pcs


  • Easily removes the odor and dirt of the drain pipe
  • Simple and convenient to use
  • This cleaner strongly eliminates and removes the odor-causing dirt and bacteria and performs deodorization.
  • A strong foaming effect can effectively penetrate deep inside the toilet tank or washing machine drum.
  • Simply drop the cleansing tablet for easy cleaning of drainage pipes or utensils in the kitchen bathroom or washroom.
  • It can be used for kitchen, washstand, bathroom drain, water collection below the toilet.


How to use:

  1. Kitchen, washstand, bathroom drain, toilet, etc. only need to put 1 spindle, rest for about 30 minutes, then clean
  2. Triangular truss, flow table filter, can be immersed in 2 liters of water and cast 1 tablet, stand still 30 minutes, rinse off with water after washing out
  3. 1 inch per 10 liters of washing machine tank water, let stand for about 30 minutes, then clean in normal laundry mode



Product packaging, specifications and price are subject to change without notice. All information about the products on our website is provided for information purposes only. Please always read labels, warnings and directions provided with the product before use.

日本KOBAYASHI小林制药 管道清洗丸 #柑橘香 12个 Drainage Pipe Deodorant Cleaner #Orange Flavor

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