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日本KOBAYASHI小林制药 玫瑰花香一滴消臭元 20ml


  • 主要成分为香料、植物抽出物等,主要针对于在外做客,家中来客人等情况,刚使用过卫生间,排风扇又不给力,别人进去会很尴尬;或者家中有客人卫生间气味不好也可以使用。
  • 在使用前在马桶内滴入1-2滴,即可快速消除厕所臭味,并升玫瑰花香
  • 小巧方便,携带方便。
  • 持续640次,每次使用1滴。
  • 厕前使用效果更佳主要成分香料、植物萃取座物溶剂使用方法打开、瓶盖往便便的积水器处滴入,1~2滴。



  1. 只要在使用前在马桶里先滴上1-2滴,就可以达到除臭的效果,1瓶可以使用600次(每次1滴)左右




KOBAYASHI Shoshugen For Toilet Freshener Sweet Rose Scent 20ml


  • Just 1-2 drops can then effectively eliminate odors from the toilet bowl with nice fragrance.
  • No more worry about the bad smell before toilet.
  • No more embarrassment of the odor after the use of toilet.
  • Small and convenient, easy to bring along.
  • Lasts for 640 times, when use 1 drop per time.
  • Drop “One Drop Deodorizer” into toilet bowl and it will spread quickly on surface of water, forming a protective layer through which odors can’t escape and releases a fresh scent.
  • 1 or 2 drops instantly deliver fresh fragrance and eliminate unwanted odors.
  • The palm size compact design easy for us to bring it everywhere. 


How to use:

  1. Squeeze 1 or 2 drops into the toilet bowl before or after use.
  2. Wash hands thoroughly after use.



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日本KOBAYASHI小林制药 玫瑰花香一滴消臭元 20ml Shoshugen For Toilet Freshener Sweet Rose Scent

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