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日本KOBAYASHI小林制药 节肌肉酸痛消炎止痛贴 48枚装


  • 这款小林制药 肩周炎肌肉酸痛 止痛贴,适用于肩周炎、关节疼痛、筋骨折痛、腰肌劳损导致的腰痛等问题,贴上去有温热的感觉,而且没有普通膏药刺鼻子的味道。
  • 可以有效疏通肌肉内的血液流通,起到镇痛消炎的作用,同时还可以起到消炎的作用
  • 含水杨酸乙二醇酯和N-香草基壬醯胺等等。
  • 镇痛效果出色,很好地促进血液循环,缓解疼痛,温感膏药贴敷舒适。
  • 镇痛配合,温暖促进血行。
  • 缓和抑制疼痛,弱酸性,不刺激皮肤,伸缩自如。



  1. 揭下透明纸,1日1-2次贴在患处。




KOBAYASHI Temperature And Merz Menu Patch 48pcs


  • Hot patch.
  • Help to improve blood circulation.
  • Relieve back pain,Bruises,Joint pain,Muscular fatigue,Muscular pain,Pain from fractures,Shoulder pain,Sprains
  • Contains "glycol salicylate" ingredient with analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects
  • Contains "Nanoic acid WANIRIRUAMIDO" ingredient that promotes blood circulation
  • Contains "Glycyrrhetinic Acid" which has anti-inflammatory and blood stasis effects
  • Odorless


How to use:

  1. Please stick to the painful area several times a day



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日本KOBAYASHI小林制药 关节肌肉酸痛消炎止痛贴 48枚装 KOBAYASHI Temperature And Merz Menu Patch 48pcs

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