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日本KOJI寇吉 DOLLY WINK 假睫毛 #No 32气质名媛 2对入


  • Dolly Wink Fake Eyelash 是一种假睫毛,强调从眼角到上眼睑线中间自然深色的眼睛。
  • 假睫毛在上眼睑线的末端增加体积并延长长度,为您提供完美的娃娃装外观。
  • 它呈现出迷人的 3D 眼妆。
  • 它可以重复使用。



  1. 用镊子轻轻将假睫毛从包装中取出。
  2. 戴上假睫毛前,根据眼睛的大小修剪假睫毛。
  3. 用镊子夹起假睫毛,将睫毛根部夹入胶水中。
  4. 让胶水变干直到变粘。将假睫毛沿着真睫毛线放置,使其成为自己睫毛的一部分。
  5. 先轻按中间,再往两边推,直到假睫毛贴好为止。
  6. 取下假睫毛,取一块沾湿的化妆棉,贴在假睫毛上30秒,让睫毛胶溶解;然后轻轻地将其拉下,从外角握住它们。
  7. 清除睫毛上的所有粘合剂残留物,并将睫毛放入盒中以备将来使用。




KOJI DOLLY WINK False Eyelashes #No 32 Soft Glamorous 2pair


  • A natural series that uses a 3D manufacturing method that gives a natural three-dimensional effect and ultra-thin eyelashes.
  • An eyelash that haphazardly arranges dark lashes with a natural bouquet feel to give a finish while adding sight.
  • Pinch the base on the outer corner of the eye with tweezers, and gently peel off the case so as not to damage the eye rush.


How to use:

  1. Roll the band down to loosen the glue and gently soften the spine with your fingers.
  2. Measure the strand against your eye and cut the exceed part.
  3. Apply the glue with a cotton swab and wait for a couple seconds till it’s half dry.
  4. You may even use a tweezer to place the middle of the strip in the center of your eye.
  5. Nudge the outer and inner corners down along your lash-line.



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KOJI寇吉 DOLLY WINK 假睫毛 #No 32气质名媛 2对入 False Eyelashes #No 32 Soft Glamorous 2pair

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