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日本KOSE高丝 深层补水化妆水 200ml


  • 清爽柔和质地,使肌肤水润透白的化妆水。
  • 高纯度维他命C诱导体,淡化斑点并预防黑色素新生



  1. 洗完脸后,取适量于棉花或手掌上,像拍打一样涂抹在皮肤上。




KOSE Moisture Mild Moist Lotion 200ml


  • Prevents skin from becoming hollow and dull
  • Moisture continues
  • Plump up from the back of the skin
  • For both morning and night
  • Finely textured
  • Deep water-retaining lotion
  • Highly moisturizing lift W Collagen Hyaluronic acid AA ( Moisturizing) formulation
  • Made in Japan


How to use:

  1. After washing your face, take an appropriate amount on cotton or palm and apply it to your skin like patting.



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日本KOSE高丝 深层补水化妆水 200ml KOSE Moisture Mild Moist Lotion 200ml

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