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日本KOSE 高丝 SOFTYMO炭强力去黑头粉刺鼻贴10片


  • 对于T字部位容易出油的肌肤来说,黑头时常困扰着妳 。
  • 一般人们会用手去挤,会把细菌带入毛孔内,而且还时常挤得鼻子红红的,不慎雅观。
  • 现高丝公司推出一款吸黑头鼻贴,只要轻轻一贴,数分钟后轻轻揭下,黑头全都不见了,再拍打一些收缩水即可。
  • 含有红茶成份的鼻贴可以起到镇定作用,鼻子上的毛孔一点都不损伤,还起到收缩毛孔作用。



  1. 洗面后,将鼻头膜贴整张用清水沾湿(先揭下塑胶纸)紧贴鼻头上。
  2. 待鼻膜贴完全干透(约10-15分钟)由下往上撕,再用水清洗干净。
  3. 使用后擦上化妆水和乳液,皮肤更显平滑细嫩。
  4. 建议一周使用一至两次.




KOSE SOFTYMO Nose Strip Pore Cleansing Pack Black 10pcs


  • Pore care strips with the use of high adhering power of charcoal.
  • It contains coix seed extracts, chamomile, vitamin E derivatives, and Glycyrrhetinic acid for skincare performance. It removes blackheads and unclogs pores from your nose.
  • You'll feel clearer, smoother skin with less visible pores as blackheads, dirt and oil are removed from clogged pores.


How to use:

  1. Apply the nose strip onto a dampen nose.
  2. Peel it off after 10-15 mins or when the nose strip is completely dry.
  3. Do not use more than 2 times a week.
  4. For best results, use it after using a deep cleansing mask or steaming to open pores.



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KOSE 高丝 SOFTYMO 炭强力去黑头粉刺鼻贴 10片 KOSE SOFTYMO Nose Strip Pore Cleansing Pack Black

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