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日本 KRACIE 嘉娜宝 蜜桃保湿沐浴露 80ml


  • 自然温和桃香。
  • 100%自然素材清洗成分和自然保湿成分配合。
  • 能舒缓肌肤,迅速补充肌肤流失的水分,
  • 令肌肤更为柔和细致,焕然一新。



  1. 取适量本产品涂抹于全身,用清水洗净即可。




KRACIE NAIVE Body Soap Peach Leaf Mini 80ml


  • 100% of the ingredients to be washed are body soap made of plant material.
  • Contains peach leaf extract (moisture component).
  • We finish in smooth bare skin.
  • Natural and gentle peach fragrance.


How to use:

  1. Take an appropriate amount of this product and apply it to the whole body, and then rinse off with water.



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日本 KRACIE 嘉娜宝 蜜桃保湿沐浴露 80ml KRACIE NAIVE Body Soap Peach Leaf Mini 80ml

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