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日本KRACIE嘉娜宝 NAIVE乳木果泡沫卸妆洗面奶


  • 这款 Lucky Trendy EYE 刷子易于涂抹。
  • 它将眼妆牢固而柔和地涂抹在眼睛上。
  • 日本制造。








KRACIE Naive Shea Butter Facial Cleansing Foam


  • This Lucky Trendy EYE brush is easy to apply.
  • It appy eye makeup firmly and softly on the eye.
  • Made in Japan.


How to use:

1. Take the cleansing milk in palm and layer the rich foam.

2. Evenly apply to the face, massage and rinse with warm water.



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日本KRACIE嘉娜宝 NAIVE乳木果泡沫卸妆洗面奶 KRACIE Naive Shea Butter Facial Cleansing Foam

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