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日本SANRIO CINNAMOROLL 三丽欧大耳狗 造型湿纸巾盒 80sheets


  • 可爱的肉桂湿纸巾盒。
  • 这是一套1包湿纸巾(80张)。
  • 99.9%湿纸巾由纯净水制成。
  • 不含对羟基苯甲酸酯,酒精,香料或PG的儿童和宠物可安全使用。
  • 含有透明质酸,一种保湿成分。




Sanrio Cinnamoroll Wet Tissue With Case 80sheets


  • Cute cinnamon wet tissue case.
  • It is a set with 1 pack of wet tissue (80 sheets).
  • 99.9% wet tissue made of pure water.
  • Safe for children and pets without parabens, alcohol, fragrance or PG.
  • Contains hyaluronic acid, a moisturizing ingredient.



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日本SANRIO CINNAMOROLL 三丽欧大耳狗 造型湿纸巾盒 LEC Cinnamoroll Wet Tissue With Case 80sheets

SKU: 3027026671
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