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日本LEC HELLO KITTY润肌湿纸巾 80片


  • 由于宝宝肌肤十分细嫩,容易对刺激物产生敏感反应,故需更用心挑选合适的柔湿巾。
  • 日本著名家品品牌LEC推出多款99.9%纯水湿纸巾,日本制造,柔软触感呵护宝宝,绝不含人工香料或酒精,安全可靠!
  • 99.9% 纯水湿纸巾配上各款可爱卡通造型,让宝宝开心健康成长!
  • 日本制造

  • 99.9%纯净水制造

  • 含玻尿酸精华,保湿滋润,纯正温和

  • 不含MIT(甲基异噻唑啉酮)、Paraben(羟苯甲酯)、防腐剂、人工香料或酒精,安全可靠

  • 不含无纺布等化纤产品

  • 不刺激皮肤,新生儿及敏感肌肤均适用

  • 适用于脸部、手脚及全身




LEC Hello Kitty Wet Tissue With Case 80sheets


  • Wipes in a box.
  • Moistened with a formula consisting of 99.9% purified water and 0.1% chemicals. 
  • Wipes are used only for hands or body cleansing.
  • These chemicals are used to keep product clean and lock in moisture. 
  • Safe to be used on toddlers,children,and adults for hands,face,or body cleansing
  • No parabens,alcohol & fragrance free
  • Extra soft non-woven sheets
  • Made by full automatic production line in a cleanroom



Product packaging, specifications and price are subject to change without notice. All information about the products on our website is provided for information purposes only. Please always read labels, warnings and directions provided with the product before use.

日本LEC HELLO KITTY润肌湿纸巾 80片 LEC Hello Kitty Wet Tissue With Case 80sheets

SKU: 3028023961
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