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日本SANRIO三丽欧 超级玛莉欧造型湿纸巾盒 80枚入


  • 内容量: 80片盒装
  • 不含任何染料、香料、酒精成份,不会刺激身体
  • 不含化学纤维,使用更舒适更放心
  • 帮助婴儿保持干净卫生,保湿娇嫩的肌肤
  • 纸巾约180×150mm 80枚入
  • 纸巾盒约210×135×70mm




SANRIO Super Mario Face Type Case Wet Tissue 80sheets


  • Content: 80 pieces boxed
  • Does not contain any dyes, spices, alcohol ingredients, will not irritate the body
  • Chemical fiber-free, more comfortable and safe to use
  • Help the baby to keep clean, moisturizing and delicate skin



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日本SANRIO三丽欧 超级玛莉欧造型湿纸巾盒 80枚入 LEC Super Mario Face Type Case Wet Tissue 80sheets

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