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日本 LION 狮王 衣物防皱除臭喷雾 70ml


  • 拿来的除皱皱纹伸展喷雾,到消毒,除臭到除臭为止。
  • 要使衣服起皱,就不能经常洗涤和清洁。
  • 汗水和香烟,衣服闻起来的烤肉的味道使它明显除臭。
  • 此外,我还通过消毒效果使衣服保持清洁。
  • 通过抗菌除臭效果抑制汗味的爆发。
  • 清新的除臭绿色香气。
  • 香味不会残留在衣服上。



  1. 请离约20~30公分喷洒、用手整平衣物,再等干燥即可。




LION Anti Wrinkled Clothes & Anti Bacterial Spray 70ml


  • It is the wrinkle wrinkle stretching spray which I take it, and there is until sanitization, deodorization let alone deodorization.
  • To take the wrinkle of the clothing that washing and cleaning are not possible frequently.
  • Sweat and a cigarette, the smell of the roasted meat that clothing got deodorize it clearly.
  • In addition, I keep clothing clean by a sanitization effect.
  • I suppress the outbreak of the sweat smell by an antibacterial deodorization effect.
  • A fragrance of the refreshing deodorant green.
  • The fragrance does not remain to the clothing.


How to use:

  1. Pull up the pink stopper.
  2. Hang the clothes, spray around 20cm from the clothes.
  3. For more wrinkled area, spray more (3-4 times for 20 square cm).
  4. Tug the clothes and leave it to dry before wearing.
  5. Close the pink stopper after use.


Suggested usage amount:

  1. 12 times for 1 jacket.


*Please test on unnoticeable area before first use as it may cause stain or discoloration.*



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日本 LION 狮王 衣物防皱除臭喷雾 70ml LION Anti Wrinkled Clothes & Anti Bacterial Spray 70ml

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