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日本 LION 狮王 狮王酵素领口袖口去污洗衣液 250g


  • 领口袖口污渍特有酵素配方能分解衣领及袖口上的顽固污渍。
  • 海绵瓶口设计能均匀地将清洁液涂于衣领及袖口上,令都衣领袖口洁白如新。
  • 独特海绵刷头,使用时直接涂抹在有油渍上;瓶身防滑设计,使用更方便。



  1. 洗衣前将清洁液直接涂抹于衣领及袖口污渍上,无需搓擦,等数分钟后,正常洗涤即可。




LION Top Prewash Gel for Stains on Collar & Sleeve 250g


  • The white shirt collar is so oily and difficult to clean.
  • The residual stains on the clothes are getting yellower and yellower.
  • Brush it yourself, and brush it until the leader wears it.
  • Do not get yellow stains
  • The solution solves all problems.
  • The unique enzyme formula on the collar and cuff stains can decompose the stubborn stains on the collar and cuffs.
  • The design of the sponge bottle mouth can evenly apply the cleaning liquid to the collar and cuffs, making the leaders of the clothing white and fresh.
  • The unique sponge brush head is applied directly on the oil stain when using it
  • The anti-skid design of the bottle body is more convenient to use.

How to use:

  1. Apply the cleaning solution directly to the collar and cuff stains before washing, without rubbing, wait a few minutes and wash normally.



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日本 LION 狮王 狮王酵素领口袖口去污洗衣液 250g LION Top Prewash Gel for Stains on Collar & Sleeve

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