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日本LOTTE乐天 HOKARON发热手暖包 标准装 10片入


  • 秋冬必备!
  • 本品具有散热均衡,发热持久。
  • 开包自热、无毒无害、轻便小巧、粘贴自如的特点。
  • 暖宝宝贴是采用日本NEW技术制作的保暖制品!
  • 不用火不用电,直接撕开外包装便可发热
  • 高温度64度,能保持平均53度左右温度约12小时以上,安全可靠,男女老少均可使用,暖宝宝是完全意义上的新生时代绿色产品!



  1. 将贴纸撕开后、将暖暖包贴于衣物外,不要让暖暖包直接接触于皮肤上!




LOTTE HOKARON Warm Patch Regular 10pcs


  • Hokaron Heat Pack is effective and useful in the following situations: winter, cold air-conditioned room, mountain climbing and hiking, while sheltering in time of natural disaster, period pain.
  • convenient to carry
  • Warmth spreads in the palm 
  • Maximum temperature 68 degrees ,average temperature 54 degrees, lasting for about 20 hours


How to use:

  1. After tearing off the sticker, stick the warm pack on the outside of the clothes.
  2. Don't let the warm pack directly touch the skin



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日本LOTTE乐天 HOKARON发热手暖包 标准装 10片入 LOTTE HOKARON Warm Patch Regular 10pcs

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