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日本 LUCKY WINK 干魔芋面部清洁按摩粉扑竹炭 1pcs



  1. 使用之前,请用温水将海绵倒回并彻底冲洗。
  2. 以打圈的方式轻轻按摩。
  3. 通过使用开孔,可以轻松去除污垢和角蛋白塞。
  4. 即使洗脸也可以使用,请根据自己的皮肤状况选择。




LUCKY WINK Facial Cleansing Massage Puff Charcoal 1pcs


How to use:

  1. Return the sponge with lukewarm water and rinse thoroughly before use.
  2. Gently massage in a circular motion.
  3. Dirt and keratin plugs can be easily removed by using with open pores.
  4. As you can use even if you put face wash, please choose according to your skin condition.



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LUCKY WINK 干魔芋面部清洁按摩粉扑竹炭 LUCKY WINK Facial Cleansing Massage Puff Charcoal 1pcs

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