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日本 MANDOM 曼丹 GATSBY完美护肤乳液 150ml


  • 每次使用时,它都能为您的皮肤做好准备并改善状况。
  • 乳液,乳状乳液和美容精华的多合一乳液。
  • 男士护肤。男士乳液。
  • 添加三种保湿成分,透明质酸,水解胶原蛋等保湿干燥肌肤,一瓶等于美容液,爽肤水 乳液三合一。
  • 快速渗透肌肤,改善肌肤因缺少而满脸油光,质感水润,不油腻,保湿清爽
  • 微香性,味道不浓烈



  1. 洁面后,用手取出适量乳液,涂抹 全脸即可。




MANDOM Gatsby Perfect Skin Lotion 150ml


  • Gatsby Perfect Skin Lotion is an all-in-one lotion for lotion, milky lotion and serum.
  • Fresh-type all-in-one lotion.
  • Protects roughness-prone skin and improves skin condition each time.
  • Because it is all-in-one, it is completed with one man's skin care
  • Plenty of moisture with 3 functions. Impression improves with glossy and smooth skin: 
  • <Toner> Contains 3 types of moisturizing ingredients *. Moisturizes the skin.
  • <Emulsion> Keeps skin moisturized.
  • <Essence> Protects and prepares the skin.
  • Even if your life is disturbed! Skin that is less likely to cause trouble
  • If the balance of water and oil is lost due to beard shaving, lack of sleep, disorder of eating habits, etc., it may cause dryness, stickiness, and rough skin!
  • Moisture / oil balance adjustment prescription always keeps healthy skin.
  • An all-in-one type that can be used widely from those who are concerned about dryness to those who are concerned about stickiness.
  • The dense lotion penetrates into the keratin and the skin is not sticky after use.
  • A pleasant and gentle scent of fresh floral.
  • Paraben-free.


How to use:

  1. Wash with an appropriate amount of hand (approximately 100 yen for the entire face).
  2. Blend in with the skin when washing your face, beard sleigh, after bathing or drying, sticky, rough skin, etc.



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日本 MANDOM 曼丹 GATSBY完美护肤乳液 150ml MANDOM Gatsby Perfect Skin Lotion 150ml

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