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日本 MARNA WIHTE CONC 身体美白精华油 100ml


  • 富含天然保湿剂和保护屏障的维他命C与月见草油混合,有助于锁定肌肤深层的水分,从而全天不断为肌肤保湿。
  • 这种面霜是一种美白CC面霜,可有效用于皮肤较厚和干燥的部位
  • 帮助软化和抚平干燥的皮肤,减少斑点并增加皮肤弹性。
  • 您会立即发现您的皮肤得到了明显的补充,更柔软,更光滑,更容光焕发。



  • 洗完澡之后,取适量,在干净的皮肤上轻柔按摩。





MARNA Japan WHITE CONC Whitening Oil C II 100ml


  • Rich in natural moisturisers and with a protective barrier, Vitamin C blended with Evening Primrose Oil helps to lock in moisture deep within your skin so it continuously hydrates your skin all day
  • This cream is a whitening cc cream that works effectively on areas of the body with thicker and dry skin
  • Helping to soften and smooth dry skin, reduce blemishes and increase skin elasticity.
  • You will immediately notice your skin is visibly replenished, softer, smoother and more radiant


How to use:

  • After taking a shower, take an appropriate amount and gently massage it on clean skin.

*It can be strengthened on the skin of particularly dry parts*



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MARNA WIHTE CONC 身体美白精华油 100ml MARNA Japan WHITE CONC Whitening Oil C II 100ml

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