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韩国MEDIHEAL可莱丝 LINE FRIENDS 水润嫩白修复手摸 1对入


  • 添加乳木油、摩洛哥坚果油
  • LINE FRIENDS 水润嫩白修护手膜,能令双手水润嫩白之外,戴住用手机都可以。
  • 含多种天然植物精华和生物活性细胞分子,温和溶解老废角质,從根部滋养指尖,改善粗糙、干燥等状况为双手提供专业而方便的水润嫩白修护手膜,使双手恢复如婴儿般柔嫩、光滑肌。
  • 蕴含摩洛哥坚果、棕榈油、尿素和腺苷,为干燥双手及手指甲提供密集养份並强效滋润补湿。
  • 配合石蜡,尿素、乳木果油和神经醯胺,使双手恢复如婴儿般娇嫩。 烟酰胺及柠檬萃取能淡化暗哑和提升肌肤明澄度。
  • 添加乳木油及薄荷舒缓保湿双脚去除老旧角质 打造婴儿般嫩脚。



  1. 干净清洁手部后,取出手膜戴上。
  2. 10-20分钟后,取下手膜,按摩双手帮助剩余精华液吸收。




MEDIHEAL LINE FRIENDS Paraffin Hand Mask 1pairs


  • It is a wrinkle-improving functional hand mask that supplies nourishment to not only dry and rough hands but also to cuticles and nails.
  • Convenient hand glove type which has smart phone touch function. 
  • Give your hands a moisturizing spa treatment with this Mediheal x Line Friends Theraffin Hand Mask.

  • This deep repairing hand mask contains argan oil and urea to repair dry hands and cuticles while niacinamide evens out spots and sun damage.

  • Repairing hand mask
  • Contains Argan Oil, Urea, and Ceramide


How to Use:

  1. Wash your hands thoroughly and dry thoroughly.
  2. Take out the hand masks, wear them and put stickers around the wrists properly.
  3. After about 10-20 minutes of free activity, remove the hand masks.
  4. Massage lightly the remaining essence. (You do not need to wash your hands after use.)



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韩国MEDIHEAL可莱丝 LINE FRIENDS 水润嫩白修复手摸 1对入 Paraffin Hand Mask 1pairs

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