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日本惠之本铺 玻尿酸保湿面膜 4片入


  • 3种美容油成分,能有调整肌肤水油平衡,给肌肤补充水分。
  • 清爽、湿润双重效果滋润皮肤。即使十分干燥的秋冬季节也能对皮肤集中保湿护理。
  • 惠之本铺面膜使用的日本冈山汤原温泉,配合玻尿酸、5种植物精华、3种美容油成分,给肌肤足够的滋润,打造水润光滑的素颜美肌。
  • 汤原温泉基底,配合2种玻尿酸,3种美容油,更有山茶花等纯天然5种保湿功效花朵提取精华成分配合,混合肌肤不再缺水。




MEGUMI NO HONPO Moisturizing Milky Lotion Mask 4sheets


  • Three kinds of beauty oil ingredients can adjust the skin's water and oil balance and replenish moisture to the skin. 

  • Refreshing, moisturizing double effect moisturizes skin

  • Even in the very dry autumn and winter seasons, it can intensively moisturize the skin.

  • The Japanese Okayama Yuhara Hot Springs used in the Einhohonpo mask, combined with hyaluronic acid, 5 kinds of plant extracts, and 3 kinds of beauty oil ingredients, give the skin enough moisture to create a moisturized and smooth skin.


How to use:

  1. After cleansing and toning, apply mask onto the face.
  2.  Remove the mask after 15- 20 minutes, and then massage to help absorb the remaining essence.



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日本惠之本铺 玻尿酸保湿面膜 4片入 MEGUMI NO HONPO Moisturizing Milky Lotion Mask 4sheets

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