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日本惠之本铺 无添加温泉水保湿收毛孔面膜 5枚入


  • 日本冈山汤原温泉,知名弱碱性温泉,无色无味,
  • 对肌肤温和无刺激,多种对肌肤有益的微量元素。
  • 日本天然棉花,面膜纸采用科技研发,
  • 日本本土棉花制成,触感柔软,贴在肌肤如云朵服帖享受。
  • 水溶性蛋白聚糖,含有水溶性蛋白酶,具有保水作用,
  • 吸收好效果快,锁住肌肤温度,保证活性成分有效吸收。促进肌肤更加水嫩。
  • 胶原蛋白胜肽温泉水毛孔修护面膜---有胶原蛋白成分。25ML美容液中含W胶原蛋白,
  • 脑甙脂类,寡肽和温泉水,保持肌肤滋润,修复肌肤,收缩毛孔。



  1. 洁面后,取出面膜展开。
  2. 先贴合眼部位置,再贴合嘴部位置,然后贴合全脸,最后闭上眼睛将眼部位置贴好,眼皮护理同步进行。
  3. 等待10-15分钟后取下面膜,然后将脸上剩下的美容液用手轻轻按摩吸收,之后按通常护理即可。




MEGUMI NO HONPO Tightening Face Mask 5pcs


  • Luxurious moisture care with a thick face mask with outstanding water retention.
  • Each one is individually wrapped, and every time you open the seal, you can take care with a clean mask.
  • Uses 100% domestic natural cotton, it feels soft and soft and feels good.
  • In addition, the face mask itself is thick, so it contains plenty of beauty ingredients.
  • You can do luxurious moisture care in just 10 minutes.
  • It has high water retention and contains plenty of serum, but it adheres firmly to the skin and there is no worry about dripping.
  • A single face mask contains plenty of three beauty ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, water-soluble proteoglycan, and hot spring water.
  • The face mask made in Japan itself is excellent, its power including essence is amazing.
  • This way, even if you pack for a long time, there is no worry that the serum will drip, and you can do luxurious moisture care without leaving the beauty ingredients.
  • Fragrance-free, color-free, paraben-free, mineral oil-free, alcohol-free (slightly acidic as skin).
  • Large format mask that envelops the entire face.
  • It is large enough to wrap up the entire face, it delivers beauty ingredients to every corner of the face.
  • Put a face mask on my face for about 10 minutes, but it feels like it's wrapped in moisture.
  • When you remove the face mask, plenty of cosmetic ingredients remain on the face.
  • So you can just get familiar with it by hand, and your skin will be clean.
  • Use the remaining serum on the face mask for decollete care.


How to use:

  1. After washing your face, put the eyes and mouth of the mask on the face.
  2. When taking care of eyelids, be sure to close your eyes.

    After about 10-15 minutes, remove the mask, apply the essence remaining on the skin.

  3. Perform normal skin care.



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日本惠之本铺 无添加温泉水保湿收毛孔面膜 5枚入 MEGUMI NO HONPO Tightening Face Mask 5pcs

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