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日本MENARD美伊娜多 BEAUNESS碧优温泉精华水 160ml


  • 在原有温泉矿物质精华的基础之上,又添加了来自深海精华及大地植物精华,以三重大自然的力量,快速激发肌肤的活力和健康。
  • 仅此一瓶,即可解决肌肤的平衡失调、成人青春痘、丘疹等问题。
  • 以自然之力,快速打造肌肤健康的“平衡美人”!
  • 养成每天使用美伊娜多碧优温泉清脂精华水的习惯,你一定可以如愿以偿的收获光洁、美丽的肌肤。



  1. 用棉片取适量精华水(2~2.5mL),从下至上轻轻拍打全脸。
  2. 或者按照水分敷面的要领,将浸有碧优温泉美肌精华水的棉片敷在青春痘部位数分钟; * 为达到强韧肌肤之目的,配合面膜纤维纸敷面效果会更好。






  • A beauty mist that makes the skin less prone to roughness and pimples.
  • Its helps restoring horny layer for healthy and smooth skin.
  • Beauness Spa Shower conveniently provides moisture for those who suffer skin dryness during daytime.
  • It also helps soothe the redness after-effect of sun and snow-tanned.
  • The dainty spray tip ejects a fine mist of the Beauness essence, allowing it to spread evenly and absorb quickly into the skin.
  • Added Camomile Extract soothes and leaves the skin feeling refreshed.


How to use:

  1. After cleansing And washing, pour plenty amount (approx. 2 to 2.5 mL) of Beauness on a cotton pad, gently pat on the face from bottom to top.
  2. Use as Pressure Relieving Moisturizing Mask: When the skin feels rough, apply a piece of Lotion Mask Sheet soaked with BEAUNESS for 10 minutes.



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日本MENARD美伊娜多 BEAUNESS碧优温泉精华水 160ml MENARD BEAUNESS Toner 160ml

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