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日本 MENARD 美伊娜多 隔离精华 30ml


  • 有效抑制多余的油份和汗水及重整肌肤不平表面,提高粉底的贴服感,及同时改善肌肤色泽,抑制色素产生。深入皮肤底层,高度发挥美白作用。
  • 贴服啫喱粉体–质地顺滑,同时有效重整肌肤不平表面,提高粉底的贴服感。
  • 款冬花精华-有效抑制多余的油份和汗水,持续令妆容贴服美丽。



  1. 取适量(约50美分硬币大小)于掌心,均匀涂抹于面部,再涂抹粉底。
  2. 使用前摇匀。




MENARD Fairlucent Base Essence 30ml


  • It effectively suppresses excess oil and sweat, reshapes the uneven surface of the skin, improves the feel of the foundation, and at the same time improves the skin color and inhibits the production of pigments.
  • It penetrates into the bottom of the skin and has a high whitening effect
  • Adhesive gel powder – the texture is smooth, and at the same time it can effectively reshape the uneven surface of the skin and improve the adherence of the foundation.
  • Butternut Flower Essence-Effectively suppress excess oil and sweat, and continue to make makeup beautiful.


How to use:

  1. Put proper amount (approx. the size of a 50 cents coin) on the palm and apply over your face evenly, then apply foundation.
  2. Shake well beafore use.



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日本 MENARD 美伊娜多 隔离精华 30ml MENARD Fairlucent Base Essence 30ml

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