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日本MENTHOLATUM 曼秀雷敦 舒缓小绿管修护润唇膏 补水保湿滋润防干裂去死皮 #薄荷 1pc








MENTHOLATUM Medicated Lip Repair One Lip Balm #Mint 1pc


Cool mint lip care formula, unique lip care formula, can eliminate lip pain and chapped lips caused by sun exposure or cold weather, and can also eliminate lip pain caused by cold weather. Provides moisturizing protection.


Contains 3 active ingredients: nicotinamide, glycyrrhetinic acid (β-glycyrrhetinic acid) and vitamin E derivative (DL-α-tocopherol acetate), which strengthens the surface barrier function of the lip skin and nourishes and softens the lip skin. Immediately relieve discomfort caused by dry lips, such as hardness, tightness, etc., prevent moisture loss, and protect lips from external aggression.



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MENTHOLATUM 曼秀雷敦 小绿管修护润唇膏 #薄荷 Medicated Lip Repair One Lip Balm #Mint 1pc

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