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MENTHOLATUM曼秀雷敦 深层保湿不含香料润唇膏 4.5g


  • 日本MENTHOLATUM曼秀雷敦 深层保湿不含香料润唇膏有效成分维生素E衍生物,防止粗糙,嘴唇干裂,健康舒适。
  • 还采用了适合结束的嘴唇容易椭圆形的容器,那么软唇霜,你可以画只有在大量的嘴唇上轻轻地滑动。无香料·抗紫外线SPF20,PA+。



  1. 先用清水湿润嘴唇(可以喝一口水,打湿嘴唇的同时还补充了身体水分),
  2. 接下来再上润唇膏。 




MENTHOLATUM Deep Moist Unscented Lip Balm 4.5g


  • MENTHOLATUM deep moisturizing fragrance-free lip balm active ingredient vitamin E derivatives, prevent rough, chapped lips, healthy and comfortable. 
  • Also uses an oval container that fits the end of the lips easily, so soft lip cream, you can paint only a large amount of lips gently sliding. Fragrance-free and anti-ultraviolet SPF20, PA+.


How to use:

  1. Use the dial located on the bottom of the tube to raise the lip balm above the brim of the tube.
  2. Then you can start apply it on your mouth
  3. You need only raise the balm by a half centimeter or so.



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MENTHOLATUM曼秀雷敦 深层保湿不含香料润唇膏 4.5g MENTHOLATUM Deep Moist Unscented Lip Balm 4.5g

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