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日本MENTHOLATUM曼秀雷敦 顶级浓润柔霜润唇膏 牛奶香草味 SPF25 / PA +++ 2.4g


  • 柔滑的唇膏,感觉像奶油融化。
  • “潮湿的银行技术”,它与空气中的体温和水分作出反应,使其保持湿润并将其变成奶油。
  • 保护嘴唇免受粗糙和干燥。
  • 它也可以用作口红的基础。
  • 略带甜味,牛奶香草味。



  1. 乾燥時使用或一天使用2次。




MENTHOLATUM Melty Cream Lip Vanilla Milk Flavor 2.4g


  • A smooth cream lip that feels like a cream melt.
  • “Moist bank technology” that reacts with body temperature and moisture in the air to keep it moist and turns it into cream.
  • Protects lips from rough and dry.
  • It can also be used as a base for lipstick before taking a break, on days when drying is a concern.
  • Slightly sweet, milk vanilla fragrance.


How to use:

  1. Apply Lip Color evenly and smoothly across lips without dragging or skipping.



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MENTHOLATUM曼秀雷敦 顶级浓润柔霜润唇膏 牛奶香草味 SPF25 2.4g Melty Cream Lip Vanilla Milk Flavor

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