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美国MENTHOLATUM曼秀雷敦 薄荷润唇膏 8g


  • 卓越的保湿能力。
  • 防止嘴唇擦伤或干裂。
  • 含有樟脑,可有效治疗干燥、皲裂和风灼的双唇。
  • 缓解因阳光、风和恶劣天气引起的酸痛和灼痛。
  • 薄荷醇为双唇带来清凉清爽的感觉。



  1. 轻轻挤压管子,把凝胶抹于你的嘴唇。




MENTHOLATUM Therapy Lip Gel 8g


  • Repair & Protect Dry Chapped Lips
  • Contains Camphor for effective healing against dry, chapped & windburned lips.
  • Relieves soreness & burning caused by sun, wind & harsh weather.
  • Menthol provides cooling and refreshing feel to lips.


How to use:

  1. Squeeze tube gently and let the gel glide across your lips.



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美国MENTHOLATUM曼秀雷敦 薄荷润唇膏 8g MENTHOLATUM Therapy Lip Gel 8g

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