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日本MILBON 玫丽盼 DEESSE’S 黛飒丝 发膜修复毛躁干枯深层滋养 4X 粗硬发质 4支


  • 适合硬发、粗发或严重受损发质
  • 可迅速深入毛发内部,补给水分及油分
  • 改善毛发粗硬干燥、暗哑无光、触感不佳及毛发内部保水力下降等问题
  • 每盒4支
  • 其滋润程度可媲美焗油,立刻修护受损开叉头发,使暗哑头发回复光泽。



  1. 涂抹发膜按摩:用手将头发中残留的水分尽可能挤干,以发梢为重点部位将发膜均匀涂抹于头发整体,请尽量避开发根和头皮;顺头发生长方向将发束紧握并加以揉捏按摩,直至感觉发束变软。
  2. 放置3分钟:按摩后放置3分钟,原则上不用加热,可用热毛巾包裹,利用蒸汽余热加湿,可提升护发效果。
  3. 冲洗:用温水冲洗头发,特别是残留的发膜,请洗净头皮。此时可发现头发特别光滑柔顺。
  4. 用干毛巾吸干水分:以轻轻拍打的方式将头发充分擦干,注意不要摩擦头发,防止因揉搓动作导致发丝间互相摩擦,造成头发损伤




MILBON DEESSE'S Linkage Meu 4X Hair Treatment 4pcs

  • For hard, coarse, or severely damaged hair
  • Can quickly penetrate deep into the hair to replenish moisture and oil
  • Improves the problems of rough and dry hair, dull and dull hair, poor touch and decreased water retention inside the hair
  • 4 sticks per box
  • Its moisturizing level is comparable to that of oil, and it immediately repairs damaged split ends and restores luster to dull hair.


How to use:

  1. Drain your hair after shampooing, apply an adequate amount on the hair, massage it, and leave it for 2-3 minutes.
  2. Then rinse off with lukewarm water.



Product packaging, specifications, and price are subject to change without notice. All information about the products on our website is provided for information purposes only. Please always read labels, warnings and directions provided with the product before use.

玫丽盼 黛飒丝 发膜修复毛躁干枯深层滋养 4X粗硬发质 MILBON DEESSE'S Linkage Meu 4X Hair Treatment 4pcs

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