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日本 COW 牛乳石鹼 柑橘香牛奶沐浴乳 补充装 400ml









COW Milky Body Wash Citrus Refill Pack 400ml


Contains special milk essence ingredients (moisturizing function), efficient moisturizing ingredients, Replenish the lipids needed for skin cuticles, and after washing the skin is delicate and tender. A large number of delicate bubble, good wash not sticky, after bathing to give you fresh comfort.


How to use:

Apply a suitable quantity to a wet towel or sponge, wash with good foaming and then rinse.



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牛乳石鹼 柑橘香牛奶沐浴乳 补充装 COW Milky Body Wash Citrus Refill Pack 400ml

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