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韩国 MISE EM SCENE 爱茉莉 深层护发抗氧化护发素 680ml


  • 平滑该工具可软化,滋养和抚平股线,使股线更易于管理,富有弹性且修饰整齐。
  • 护发素可将润肤成分填充到发干中,以帮助消除静电和缠结。
  • 健康。
  • 香脂可优化头皮的菌群,缓解瘙痒和剥落,消除头皮屑,中和脂溢性真菌和其他病原微生物。
  • 它可以恢复受损的发鳞,防止脱发和分层。
  • 抗氧化 防脱防断、滋养固发、强韧发根、乌黑柔亮

  • 防止毛发经常断裂

  • 含有Amino Collagen 成分

  • 让毛发有弹力

  • 含有黑珍珠 让头发乌黑亮丽



  1. 像往常一样用洗发水清洗,彻底冲洗干净。




MISE EN SCENE Anti-Aging Care Conditioner 680ml


  • The tool softens, nourishes and smoothes strands, making them more manageable, elastic and well-groomed.
  • The conditioner fills the hair shaft with emollient ingredients to help relieve static and detangle.
  • The balm optimizes the microflora of the scalp, relieves itching and flaking, eliminates dandruff, neutralizes seborrheic fungus and other pathogenic microorganisms.
  • It restores damaged hair scales, prevents hair loss and stratification.
  • Include Amino Collagen ingredient so provide nutrition to the scalp and elasticity to the hair and make rich volunimous hair.

  • Shampoo to give thin and weak hair rich elasticity.

  • High heat extract absorption enhanced super berry antioxidant ingredient gives healthy root care.

  • Fiber protein collagen gives hair elasticity.

  • Coats hair elasticity with full volume.


How to Use :

  1. After shampooing hair, dispense an appropriate amount onto your palm,
  2. lightly apply on hair and wash off with lukewarm water.



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韩国 MISE EM SCENE 爱茉莉 深层护发抗氧化护发素 680ml MISE EN SCENE Anti-Aging Care Conditioner

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