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韩国MISE EN SCENE爱茉莉 泡沫染发剂植物纯泡泡染发膏 #6A烟灰色


  • 改变您的头发,改变您的生活,MISE ENSCÉNE“ Mise enscéne”是一种表达形式,用于描述剧院或电影作品的视觉效果。
  • MISE ENSCÉNE秉承“高品质发型和形象引导”的品牌理念,是具有创新产品,专业解决方案和时尚含量的引领潮流的全发化妆品。
  • Mise-en-Scene是一个时尚的全方位发型品牌,致力于引导完美的发型和您的形象。
  • 易于混合的粘性泡沫与无需混合的智能容器即可快速染发10分钟。
  • *无伤害的易染发剂,无臭,染色后的秘密魔术安瓿防止头发受损。
  • *易于单独染色,不会被软泡沫弄脏



  1. 将#01漂白剂和#03秘密魔术安瓿倒入#02氧化剂中,并向侧面摇晃。
  2. 将混合物均匀地涂在头发上,停留20-30分钟,然后用水彻底冲洗。




MISE EN SCENE Hello Bubble Easy Self Hair Dye Coloring Color #6ADusty Ash


  • Change Your Hair, Change Your Life, MISE EN SCÉNE 'Mise en scéne' is an expression to describe visual aspects of a theatre or film production.
  • Under brand philosophy of 'High quality hair style & image directing',
  • MISE EN SCÉNE is a trend-leading hair total cosmetics with innovative products, professional solutions and stylish contents.
  • Mise-en-Scene is a fashionable hair total brand who pursue to direct perfect hair styling and your image.
  • A fast 10 minute hair dyeing by easily applied sticky foam with the smart container that does not require mixing.
  • * No-Damage Easy Self Hair Dye Smelless, Secret Magic Ampoules after staining prevent hair damage. *
  • Easy self-staining alone, without stain with a soft foam.


How to use:

  1. Pour #01 Bleaching Agent and #03 Secret Magic Ampoule into #02 Oxidizing Agent and shake it sideways.
  2. Put on the mixture evenly on the hair, leave on for 20-30 minutes then rinse off with water thoroughly.



Product packaging, specifications and price are subject to change without notice. All information about the products on our website is provided for information purposes only. Please always read labels, warnings and directions provided with the product before use.

MISE EN SCENE 爱茉莉 泡沫染发剂植物纯泡泡染发膏 #6A烟灰色 Hello Bubble Hair Dye Coloring Color

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