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日本MSH Cakeys 糖霜美唇角質拋光精華 #焦糖香草 12g


  • 这是一款唇部磨砂膏,有助于抚平粗糙、干燥的双唇,使其恢复原始颜色和丰盈度。
  • 由于采用斜切管,因此很容易直接涂抹在嘴唇上,并且易于用一只手清洁。
  • 焦糖香草味。




  1. 把一些唇部磨砂膏挤出手指上。
  2. 确保您的手指干净,以免污染磨砂膏。
  3. 摩擦你的嘴唇。
  4. 将双唇压在一起,以圆周运动将下唇与上唇摩擦。
  5. 继续这个动作大约 30 秒。
  6. 如果做得正确,这将刮掉您拥有的任何死皮细胞和薄片。
  7. 确保做的很稳,但不要太用力,否则可能会损坏嘴唇。
  8. 去除多余的唇部磨砂膏。
  9. 擦干嘴唇。最好的方法是使用柔软的毛巾或纸巾。确保这是轻柔小心地完成的。
  10. 涂抹保湿润唇膏或乳液。
  11. 每周重复此过程一到三次。




MSH Cakeys Lip Scrub #CaramelVanilla 12g


  • This is a lip scrub that helps smooth rough, dry lips, returning them to their original color and fullness.
  • Because of its bias cut tube, it is easy to apply directly on the lips and easy to clean with one hand.
  • Caramel vanilla flavor.


How to use:


  1. Press some lip scrub out on your finger. Ensure your finger is clean so you don't contaminate the scrub.
  2. Spread the lip scrub evenly around your lips using one finger. 
  3. Ensure that both the top lip and bottom lip have an equal coating.
  4. However, if one lip is particularly flakier than the other, it will not hurt to apply a more liberal amount to that one.
  5. Rub your lips together.
  6.  Press your lips together and rub your bottom lip against your top lip in a circular motion.
  7. Continue this motion for around 30 seconds.
  8. Done correctly, this is will scrape off any dead skin cells and flakes you have.
  9. Ensure you do this firmly, but not too hard, or you may risk damaging your lips.
  10. Get rid of the excess lip scrub.

  11. Dab your lips dry. 
  12. The best way to do this is to use a soft towel or tissue. Make sure this is done gently and with care.
  13. Apply a hydrating lip balm or lotion.

  14. Repeat this process one to three times a week.



Product packaging, specifications and price are subject to change without notice. All information about the products on our website is provided for information purposes only. Please always read labels, warnings and directions provided with the product before use.

日本MSH Cakeys 糖霜美唇角質拋光精華 #焦糖香草 12g MSH Cakeys Lip Scrub #CaramelVanilla 12g

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