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日本 MUSEE 速攻美白牙齿橡皮擦 3pcs


  • 特有的牙齿清洁液,可急速美白牙齿,像橡皮擦一样。
  • 轻松去除牙齿污渍、美白牙齿、去齿垢、烟渍茶渍、防口臭、防蛀虫。
  • 立刻重现大白牙,约会之前必备神器!
  • 清理同时令牙齿表面光滑,脏污不易附着。
  • 对牙龈有一点小刺激的,但是漱口过一会就好了擦牙齿的时候,
  • 完全日本制造,安心无副作用!



  1. 打开以后,里面是一块白白的海绵,使用的时候因为挤压,上面的液体可能会渗出来。
  2. 慢慢在牙齿上摩擦,海绵里的成分与牙齿表面的污垢反应。
  3. 污垢就会粘到橡皮擦上去了。
  4. 没有水的地方也能使用哦。




MUSEE Tooth Whitening Sponge Kit Stain Removal Cleansing 3pcs


  • Special tooth cleaning fluid can quickly whiten teeth like an eraser.
  • Easily remove tooth stains, whiten teeth, remove tartar, smoke stains and tea stains, prevent bad breath and moth.
  • Immediately reproduce the big white teeth, a must-have artifact before dating!
  • Cleaning also makes the surface of the teeth smooth, and dirt is not easy to attach.
  • There is a little irritation to the gums, but after gargle, it's good to wipe the teeth,
  • Completely made in Japan, safe and free of side effects!


How to use:

  1. After opening, there is a white sponge inside, When using it, the liquid on it may leak out because of extrusion.
  2. Slowly rub against the teeth, and the ingredients in the sponge react with the dirt on the surface of the teeth



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日本 MUSEE 速攻美白牙齿橡皮擦 3pcs MUSEE Tooth Whitening Sponge Kit Stain Removal Cleansing

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