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日本 NITTOH 日东 欧蕾味速溶奶茶固体饮料 8pcs


  • 完全成熟的口味,为国产的恒河味浓茶增加了适度的牛奶甜度和丰富度。
  • 我们在芬芳的Hojicha中添加了牛奶适度的甜度和丰富度,该香气是通过仅从高级绿茶中选择茎进行烤制的,并经过精心加工。


如何冲泡 (热):

  1. 将一封信与120-150ml 的热水混合并搅拌。它可以制作出功能强大的奶油茶。
  2. 如果你想要茶的甜度和奶油度都低,可以将水量增加到200毫升左右。


  1. 将一字母与少许温水混合,搅拌至粉末溶解。
  2.  加入200ml冰水和冰块。




NITTOH Black Tea Hojicha Au Lait 8pcs


  • The savory “Karigane Hojicha”, which is made by selecting only the stalks from the high-grade green tea and roasting, is added to the sweetness and richness of milk, and is carefully finished producing a relaxing time with a full-fledged taste of unscented black tea grown in Japan.
  • Shelf life: 18 months from date of manufacture (before opening)


How to make (hot):

  1. Mix one letter with 120-150ml hot water and stir. It makes a powerful, creamy tea.
  2. If you want the tea less sweet and less creamy, you can increase the amount of water to about 200ml.

How to make (cold) :

  1. Mix one letter a little warm water and stir until the powder is dissolved.
  2. Fill up with 200ml ice water and ice cubes.



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日本 NITTOH 日东 欧蕾味速溶奶茶固体饮料 8pcs NITTOH Black Tea Hojicha Au Lait 8pcs

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