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日本NURSERY 肌肤舒缓卸妆凝露啫喱 180ml


  • 清新甜蜜的柚子味,水润的啫喱质地,
  • 温和卸妆,干净不紧绷,
  • 敏感肌也适用~完全不用担心会油腻哦



  1. 保持手干燥,取适量的凝胶,直接在脸上按摩。化妆品将逐渐溶解,然后用水冲洗。




NURSERY Yuzu Make Up & Uv Cleansing Gel 180ml


  • Nursery Yuzu cleansing gel contains natural ingredients and does not contain any artificial colors and flavors.
  • With a soft gel jelly texture, face and eye makeup can be easily removable.
  • A beauty skin care ingredients to restore skin vitality.
  • It ensures that after skincare application, it does not dry up skin.
  • It is also acts as a facial cleanser, making double cleansing is unnecessary.
  • This cleansing gel contains Q10, Horsetail Extract and Soluble collagen, which can smooth and soften your face.
  • No artificial colour and fragrance added and suitable for sensitive skin.
  • Yuzu essence smells fresh and makes you relax.


How to use:

  1. Keep your hands dry.
  2. Take a proper amount of gel and massage directly on your face.
  3. The makeup will gradually dissolve, then rinse with water.



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日本NURSERY 肌肤舒缓卸妆凝露啫喱 180ml NURSERY Yuzu Make Up & UV Cleansing Gel 180ml

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