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日本 ON THE BODY 樱花花朵沐浴露 480ml


  • 韩国的On The Body香水浴液是一种乳脂状,易起泡的乳霜,可为皮肤提供均衡的水分,而不会粘腻。
  • 预防黑斑,清除死细胞,深层清洁毛孔,有助于治疗痤疮和皮肤上的水疮,使您的皮肤年轻,光滑,白皙。
  • 从花中提取的精华有助于预防皮肤疾病,带给您轻松的感觉,并带有纯正的香气,尤其有吸引力。
  • 香气在体内停留24小时。适用于所有皮肤类型的自适应产品。



  1. 在浸有热水的身体海绵或毛巾上取适量,
  2. 充分起泡沫并洗净,
  3. 然后仔细洗净




ON THE BODY Blooming Cherry Blossom 480ml


  • South Korea's On The Body perfume bath is a creamy, easily foaming cream that gives the skin a balanced moisture without sticky greasy.
  • Preventing dark spots, removing dead cells, deep cleansing from pores helps treat acne and boils on the skin, giving you a youthful and smooth, youthful complexion.
  • Essences extracted from flowers help support the prevention of skin diseases, bring a relaxing feeling with a pure scent and especially attractive.
  • The fragrance stays in the body for 24 hours. Adaptive products for all skin types.


How to use:

  1. Take an appropriate amount on a body sponge or towel soaked in hot water,
  2. lather well and wash,
  3. then wash off carefully.



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日本 ON THE BODY 樱花花朵沐浴露 480ml ON THE BODY Blooming Cherry Blossom 480ml

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