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日本 ORIHIRO 欧力喜乐 水蜜桃芒果提子蒟蒻 480g


  • 美味且易于使用的魔芋果冻,含大量果汁。
  • 您可以在其中享受三种不同的口味:桃子,芒果和葡萄。



  1. 双手握紧标有★的部分,沿虚线慢慢切割。
  2. 不要吸气,多挤几下,好好咀嚼。
  3. 如果添加开口,可能会割破嘴巴,
  4. 因此请仅将挤出的果冻放入嘴中




ORIHIRO Konjac Jelly Peach Mango Grape Flavor 480g


  • A delicious konjac jelly with plenty of fruit juice that is delicious and convenient.
  • Where you can enjoy three different flavors: peach, mango, and grape.


How to eat:
  1. Hold the part marked with ★ firmly with both hands and cut slowly along the dotted line. 
  2. Do not inhale, but extrude in several times and chew well. 
  3. If you add the opening, you may cut your mouth,
  4. so please put only the extruded jelly in your mouth.



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日本 ORIHIRO 欧力喜乐水蜜桃芒果提子蒟蒻 480g ORIHIRO Konjac Jelly Peach Mango Grape Flavor 480g

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